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Erik Cavazos - Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals
Erik began learning drums at the early age of 10, then transferring over to guitar by his early Freshman year.  He continued to jam out with a couple of starter bands before creating Atomic State. 

Erik currently uses: ESP and Jackson Guitars, Marshall and Crate half stacks, Mesa and Crate Heads.
Evan Campos - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Evan has been playing since 2007 and prefers to play Dean and ESP Guitars. Evan formed his first band Tenebrian Machine with Korbin Hranac in 2011. In 2013 Evan put his band on hiatus and joined Erik Cavazos and joined Atomic State. 

Evan currently uses: Carvin V3 Halfstack, Dean Dave Mustaine V, Dean Dime Blackbolt.
Atomic State was formed in the summer of 2013 when Erik Cavazos and Evan Campos found each other through an online ad. The journey soon began when bassist Korbin Hranac joined the duo and Atomic State was born.  Drummers have passed through these doors looking for a permanent spot on the Atomic State band wagon but so far the spot remains unfilled.

Veteran drummer JC Powers father of Erik Cavazos has stepped in to help the band with his seasoned experience in  music.  More to come  in this section so please come back and visit.
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Korbin Hranac - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Korbin began playing bass at the age of 14 when his parents bought him a Squire bass for his birthday. He continued to play bass throughout high school where he took AP Music Theory.  He formed co-formed Tenebrian Machine with Evan Campos in 2011.  In 2013 Korbin along with Evan left and met up with Erik Cavazos and joined Atomic State.

Korbin currently uses: Ibanez Soundgear basses, 4001 Rickenbacker Bass and Ampeg Bass Amps.
JC Powers - Drums & Visual Timekeeper
JC began playing drums at the age 8 and has had many accomplishments throughout his career. He has played performed or recorded with:
​Broadway Touring Performance of Nunsense, Descendent, Bill Haley, George Duke ( Frank Zappa ), Jason " Jam Master J " ( RUN DMC ), Joe Viglione ( MMG - Mentor Music Group ) AZTEC recorded demo for Epic / Atlantic, Militia ( Houston's Official Metallica Tribute band ), Green Day, Mineflow and many other projects.  JC is currently assisting Atomic State with drums, recording, artist relations and development through his company Star Access.

JC  Exclusively  uses: Gibraltar hardware and stands, Pro Mark drumsticks and Remo Drumheads Sponsored by Wuhan Cymbals.